Kala - Arkane

Kala Arkane laminator with heated top roller for use with soft and rigid medias

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The Kala Arkane  has changed the way we laminate. The great ergonomic design of this laminator makes it easy to use and access. The digital control panel is ergonomic to use and features 5 memory slots for your different setups. Just the press of a button and you are ready to start laminating.

Conveniently placed roll holders on the machine allow for storage for up to four different rolls of laminates, ready to change over quickly. The front table tray lifts out of the way so you can access the rollers without intrusion, making it easy for you to setup laminates and or mounting adhesives / laminate backing

An addition of a removable rear table tray makes it easier than ever before to mount onto flat panels. The tray allows the panel to exit the roller on a flat surface. When not in use it simply slides off for storage.

The Kala features two digitally controlled motors which continuously measure the pinch point pressure on both sides of the roller. If there is an imbalance, it will automatically adjust to ensure the nip point stays even during the entire lamination. This really means you can set the laminator and walk away.


  • 1650mm 


  • Single side lamination with cold or thermal films
  • Simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting
  • Encapsulation with cold laminates in one go
  • Application tape
  • Mounting onto boards up to 50mm (2") thickness


  • Cold laminator or heat assist upper roller
  • Adjustable up to 140°C 

Lamination speed 

  • 30cm to 6.2m/min

Roll take up shaft

  • Included
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