Mimaki - 3DUJ-553

Full colour 3D printer capable of 10 million colours

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This is the world’s first 3D printer with over 10 million colours, enabling the production of 3D objects, eliminating the time-consuming finishing and the risk of damaging small detailed parts

The Mimaki 3D printer produces accurate, true to scale, high quality modelling like nothing else on the market today

Most 3D printing solutions have two primary issues when it comes to creating 3D printed objects.

  • First, they cannot produce objects in photo realistic colour. This often requests that objects has to be hand painted, time-consuming and expensive.
  • Secondly, most 3D printed objects require removal of stabilising fixtures before they can be used, risking to damage the objects.

With the Mimaki 3DUJ-553, both of these barriers are eliminated, since it can print photo realistic colour, choosing from up to 10 million different colours.

Its water-soluble support material can easily be washed off without damaging the object. This enables the cost-effective production of exquisite 3D printed products with elaborate finishing.

Modelling method

  • UV curable inkjet

Available colour number

  • Full colour/More than 10 million different coloursPrint head On-demand piezoelectric

Print head

  • (8 heads inline)

Ink Type

  • Modelling ink MH-100(C,M,Y,K, White, Clear)
  • Support material ink SW-100

Tank volume

  • C,M,Y,K:3L
  • White, Clear, Support material 5L

Supply style 

  • C,M,Y,K:1L bottleWhite, Clear,
  • Support material 4.8L bottle

Available modelling area(W×D×H)

  • 508×508×305mm

Minimum layer pitch

  • 22㎛

Modelling time(Modelling 100×100×100mm(W×D×H) object.)

  • High speed mode: 14.4 hours 600x300x600dpi (42㎛)
  • Standard mode: 17.0 hours 600x300x800dpi (32 ㎛)
  • High definition mode: 25.7 hours 600x300x1270dpi (22 ㎛)

3D data format

  • STL, OBJ, VRML, PLY, 3MFSoftware (Standard accessories)

Layout software

  • Mimaki 3D Link


  • Ethernet 1000BASE-TX


  • Single phase AC 100-120V/220-240V±10%50/60Hz±1Hz

Safety standard

  • VCCI Class A/FCC Class A/ Compliant with UL60950, ETL /CE Marking (EMC, Low Voltage Directive)/CB Report/ RoHS/REACH

Outside dimensions (W×D×H)

  • 2.250×1.500×1.550 mm 


  • 600 kg  (mounted ink weight incl.)
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3D Printer
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